Training in habitat creation for visitor engagement

fynbos1-300x225The way botanic gardens present their plants to the public is important. It helps create a relaxing environment for passive and active learning and can have a beneficial affect on biodiversity and conservation. This is especially true in respect of native flora, where with careful design, habitats that might otherwise be ‘taken for granted’ can take on whole new values and audiences.

Dr Dave Aplin has guest lectured on this subject for the University of Birmingham and advised on this area for a number of botanic gardens in Europe and the Middle East. He has a unique blend of skills and experience to manage the development of native landscape projects. These include:

  • habitat heterogeneity
  • multitrophic interactions
  • strategic planning and coordination
  • education / awareness raising
  • horticulture
  • seed and plant conservation

This bespoke (tailored) service is an exciting first step to re-think the way botanic gardens display their plants. To find out more, contact: