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Picture1Collection Policy = good governance

BotanicalValues, a specialist in developing applied & culturally appropriate collection policies for botanic gardens.

A collection policy is a fundamental strategic document for any botanic garden. Without a policy, collections can easily stray from their intended purpose and dilute an organisation’s intended mission. This can lead to resources being targeted towards futile pursuits and draining precious resources.

Dr Dave Aplin wrote Chapter 3: ‘No Plant Collection without a Strategy or Policy in the publication‘ From Idea to Realisation – BGCI’s Manual on Planning, Developing and Managing Botanic Gardens‘.

Despite the importance of having a collection policy, most botanic gardens do not have one. This was demonstrated in (Aplin DM, 2014) ‘An international survey of living collections‘. BGJournal, Journal of Botanic Gardens Conservation International. Vol. 11 (2) 26-29.

The info-graphic below shows the extent of collection policies comparing North American gardens with those from the rest of the world.


Reasons why botanic gardens do not have policies are varied, but may include lack of time to generate a policy.

BotanicalValues is a specialist in in developing collection policies for botanic gardens using a tried and tested model to develop applied and culturally appropriate policies that are bespoke (tailored) to specific circumstances.

Dr Dave Aplin is happy to develop a package that is right for your botanic garden, from lecturing at your institute about why a policy is important to closely working with stakeholders to develop a full collection (and management) policy.

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