Strategic Planning

Collection Policies

Picture1Collection Policy = good governance

BotanicalValues, a specialist in developing applied & culturally appropriate collection policies for botanic gardens.

A collection policy is a fundamental strategic document for any botanic garden. Without a policy, collections can easily stray from their intended purpose and dilute an organisation’s intended mission. This can lead to resources being targeted towards futile pursuits and draining precious resources. more »

Evaluating Collections

Dactylicapnos-scandens-(D.Don)-Hutch.-(Papaveraceae)-THUMBNAILEvaluation (Audit) is defined as the process of assessing the value of living accessions (seeds, spores, plants) against specific institutional criteria. It defines the most and least important accessions and helps in budgeting and financial planning. Evaluations are one of the most important roles curators should undertake in their term of office, yet it is rarely conducted.  more »

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