Reviewing seed bank management

jordan seedsOne of the important activities of any botanic garden is to collect and store seeds. These will be the building blocks of the Garden and its future conservation and research activities. This activity can take a considerable amount of time and expense and should always be conducted to high standards.

Dr Dave Aplin was the Belgian representative for the European Native Seed Conservation Network (ENSCONET), an EU-funded network to improve quality, co-ordination and integration of European seed conservation practice, policy and research for native species.

Recently, BotanicalValues assessed seed bank management at the Royal Botanic Garden in Jordan and helped empower its staff to increase the quality and effectiveness of their collections through hands-on training on seed cleaning, seed drying, moisture monitoring, packaging, long-term storage, germination testing of seed lots. There was also a thorough evaluation of the stored accessions against the targets and goals of the garden.

Simple, clean and effective work area for the curation of seed material at the Royal Botanic Garden Jordan
The curation of seed material need not be an expensive undertaking, here a simple, clean and effective work area has been provided to facilitate the important work of the Royal Botanic Garden Jordan