Lecturing at Wuhan Botanic Garden, China

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Sole consultant, Dr Dave Aplin, has over 27 years of professional experience and is passionate about the curation of living collections, engaging people with plants and conservation.

Dave has worked in a number of international contexts, leading participatory processes that deliver comprehensive, practical and culturally appropriate content.

His work in conservation was recently recognised in Dr Jane Goodall’s 2014 publication, ‘Seeds of Hope: Wisdom and Wonder from the World of Plants’. In the same year he helped Hugo Bugg Landscapes in achieving a Gold Medal for the Royal Horticultural Societies Chelsea Flower Show Garden the ‘RBC Waterscape Garden’.

In his previous role as Curator at the National Botanic Garden of Belgium (Botanic Garden Meise) Dave reviewed and provided strategic focus to the living collections.

“… the largest ‘flower’ to open in Belgium”.

At Meise, Dave was pivotal in rediscovering two species

Lecturing on plant collections, Washington DC, Nov. 2014
Lecturing on plant collections, Washington DC, Nov. 2014

from the collections that were  previously considered extinct: the Brome of the Ardennes,  Bromus bromoideus and Opuntia stenartha. He helped discover the first known female plants of the attractive  Clavija cauliflora and introduced plants of the Titan Arum,  Amorphophalus titanum, which bloomed to become the  largest ‘flower’ to open in Belgium.

Dave was Belgian representative for the European Native Seed Conservation Network (ENSCONET) that formulated best practice in European seed conservation. He also consulted for Planta Europa to help develop the new European Strategy for Plant Conservation.

“… worked as a garden journalist for the BBC…”

Dave has published widely on the value of living collections in botanic gardens.  He has additionally written over 80 published articles on plants: from national magazine columns to scientific manuscripts.  He previously worked as a garden journalist for the BBC where he acquired media skills by writing plant inspired news stories.

His First Class Hons. degree in botany  was awarded by the University of London, his Ph.D. in plant ecology from the University of Sussex and his horticultural qualifications from Merrist Wood College, Surrey.

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